Autistic Inu" is here to follow Inu's trace.We are Not there to destroy it.

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"Autistic Inu" is here to follow Inu's trace. Not there to destroy it..

Inspired by the legendary Doge, Shiba, Floki, Autistic Inu brings a unique twist and limitless potential for entertainment, community, and financial value. We firmly believe in the value of innovation, transparency, and inclusivity, and we are committed to making Autistic Inu a prominent player in the world of meme tokens. Join us on this exciting journey as we redefine the possibilities of entertainment and finance on Basechain.

Contract Adress: TBA

Zero Buy tax

Zero Sell tax


Phase 1

- Website live

- CA deoloy

- Community Setup

- Launch on uniswap(BASE)

Phase 2

- Dextools update

- 500 holders

- CMC & CG Apply

- $AI formation

Phase 3

- Heaven's gate convention

- Coup on the capital using AI

- CEX listings

- $AI donations